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"Your Survival Guide to dealing with Media Threats"  
Dear Business Leader

You may have had a taste of media attention with Covid-19 and got away reasonably unscathed. But are you ready for those situations where you are the entire focus of a negative story where blame can be attached to someone? For example, customer complaints making the news, unfounded allegations, or something more focused on your niche. I could go on.

The Seminar

This Seminar will show you how to be prepared for such situations and how to handle them. For example, it will look at communication traps to avoid with media and messages you send to your stakeholders. It will also look at how to deal with media approaches (including reporters arriving  unannounced).

The Seminar also look at what guidelines you must have in place for your staff to follow. There have been a number of examples in NZ recently where staff have either caused negative media attention, or inflamed it. That will now be online forever.

Who is it for?

This is for anyone in a leadership role. This includes everyone in head office from the CEO down. That's because everyone will have a role to play when something does go wrong and everyone needs to know how it will play out. 

A part of the Seminar will simulate an actual event and we'll focus on how to prepare for it and deal with it.

Here's what we'll cover:
  •  Common misperceptions about the media.
  • ​Invisible traps to avoid with media statements and communication with different stakeholders.
  •  When and how to agree to media interview requests.
  • ​How to master media interviews and keep out of trouble (This is not a media training seminar where everyone is on camera multiple times, but it does explain the media interview process).
  •  The 5 key things you need in your Crisis Communication Plan (That are simple to prepare).
  • ​How a media crisis is likely to unfold and how to deal with it.
  • ​How to deal with negative social media comment.
  • ​How to prevent staff from creating or inflaming negative media attention.
  • ​ How this will improve communication in other areas...(Consistent feedback)
EVENT: Your Survival Guide to dealing with Media Threats 
DATE: To be confirmed
TIME: 3 hours
VENUE: To be confirmed
Pete has been training leaders how to deal with the news media in New Zealand for the last 12 years. This has included small group media interview training and crisis communication planning, while he has also presented at numerous conferences both in person and online. 

Pete is a former Daily Newspaper Reporter and Government Press Secretary. He holds two Masters Degrees. One is in Communication Management from UTS in Sydney and the other in Journalism from the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand.

He is also the international author of "Media Training for Modern Leaders," published by Global Publishing in Melbourne in 2016.


"I attended a workshop run by Pete focused on crisis communication planning and thoroughly enjoyed it. Knowing you need training is one thing, knowing where to find it is often much harder. I'm certainly booking my senior team and marketing & communication managers on the next available course. We will be a stronger, more prepared and focused team ahead of a crisis or request for media interviews. I highly recommend Pete Burdon."

"In a franchise network, one person’s bad news is everyone’s bad news, so franchisors need to have disciplined media plans and checklists in place to deal with inevitable crises. Pete Burdon is a straight forward expert who knows what he’s talking about."

EVENT: Your Survival Guide to dealing with Media Threats
DATE: To be confirmed
TIME: 3 hours
VENUE:  To be confirmed
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